Our doll manufactory

Nanchen Dolls have been caringly handmade in North Hesse since 1983.

At the beginning of the 1980s, founders Nana and Peter Sendke were not able to find the high-quality dolls they wanted for their own children. They started making their own dolls following the example of the Waldorf Education Dolls.

Soon after their first attempts and with a lot of skilled handicraft, the colourful world of unique Nanchen Dolls started to develop.

Still today, we stay close to the origins of Nanchen Natur and make careful and contemporary design additions. Meanwhile, we have a team of 15 employees working from home or in our little factory. Nanchen dolls are hand-stuffed and the faces are hand-painted which gives each doll its own special character.

Nanchen Dolls require a lot of time and handicraft to make which seems to be a bit of a contradiction in our extremely fast modern times.
We are, however, convinced that the time and care that flows into the making of our products, is what sets our products apart and gives them their own bit of magic.

Nanchen Natur products are made from almost 100% raw materials from controlled organic cultivation and controlled organic farming. Our dolls are stuffed with Bioland-Virgin Sheep’s Wool from Germany.

Nanchen Dolls are sold throughout the world. On top of the many retailers that sell Nanchen Dolls in Europe, there are many businesses and internet providers in Asia and America that belong to our group of buyers. Due to their timeless look, Nanchen Natur products have been present in the high-quality toy market for over 35 years.

In 2012, we, Juliane Krüger and Janah von Buttlar, took over Nanchen Natur from its previous owners Nana and Peter Sendke. We continue to lead this traditional company with great joy and vigour just as they would have wanted. As children, we too played with the beautiful Nanchen Natur Dolls and would love to give your children the same joy and pleasure we had with our high-quality hand-made products.

Kind regards from the Doll Workshop.

Your Nanchen team