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If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQs or you are looking for your favourite doll that has gone missing and is not in our current range, please write a message to us here. We are always open to suggestions, ideas, or criticism. Due to being a small team, it could take a few days for us to reply. We will do our best to answer to your request as soon as possible.



We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.
How should Nanchen Dolls be washed? How should its hair be taken care of? Answers to these and further questions are to be found here. If your question is not listed, please write to us directly using our contact form.


Doll Doctor

Our Doll doctor will take great care of your ‘injured’ or ageing Nanchen Doll.
Please send us a photo of your doll before sending it to us so we can get an idea of what needs to be done. We do our absolute best to get your doll promptly back to you as we know they can be sorely missed.
Important Notice: We can only offer our Doll Doctor Service to dolls from our manufactory.

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